2014 Plans, Goals and News

Now that we are over a month into 2014 I figure I should figure out what I want to do this year. I haven’t given a ton of though to what I want out of this year. I mean the usual right. lose weight, get faster, PR, blah blah blah. I do want to do all of those things, but I’m being a bit more strategic this year about my goals. I’m calling them goals instead of resolutions because I feel resolutions have a deadline at the end of December. With a goal, if I don’t meet it this year, it’s not the end of the world. I readjust and try again next year.

Goal 1 – 1:5x:xx-ish Half Marathon

My last half marathon (Raleigh City of Oaks in November) I did in 2:04. A 12 minute improvement from Tobacco Road in March on a much hillier course. I’m doing the Rock N Roll Raleigh Half Marathon on April 13th. This is going to be my big half marathon race where I want to crush it. I’m feeling much stronger and faster than I did this time last year. I’ve got a much better base under me so I think this will be very attainable. I definitely want to go sub 2 hours, but stretch is low 1:50s.

Goal 2 – Ironman Raleigh 70.3

This was my big race last year. The only race that mattered. To some extent the same is true for this year. With only one season of Triathlon under my belt, I’m not expecting anything stupid crazy here like winning my age group or anything. I do want to cut off a large chunk of time off this race though. I did it in 7:18, which given the type of shape I was in at the start of 2013 and how poorly my bike fitness was I’m happy with. I went in wanting to finish and I did. Now I want to crush my time like with the half marathon. I think my fitness is in a great shape to do that. My swimming has improved a lot (ironic given the name of the blog right?). The main thing I need to work on for this is bike fitness and nutrition. I did not eat anywhere near enough last year.

Goal 3 – Run a marathon

I was targeting the City of Oaks full marathon last year, but it didn’t pan out. I got sidelined on too many of my long runs than I didn’t want to push it and switched to the half. I don’t regret that decision at all as my half marathon felt amazing. I executed on my race plan and felt strong from start to finish. Now I just want to do that for a full. I’m thinking a fall marathon so maybe target City of Oaks again. I know the course fairly well as I was running a lot of the route on my training runs, and I like the hills it has. It is a great, but tough course. I just need to be smarter coming off the 70.3 and not taking 2 months off. That hurt my fitness a lot last year. I need to be stricter with getting back into after a decent rest.


The plan to help me accomplish all this is pretty simple. Train smart, eat smart and listen to my body. To help with this I’m working with a coach. I’ll be working with Tri Stacey. She is great. We met when I first moved to Raleigh and I remember thinking if I ever wanted to work with a coach she is the one I want. So far she’s been great. We officially started on Feb 1 so I am very excited for a lot of improvement. I’m sure there will be other races as well. Check out the Race Schedule page for links to reports and other races I’m planning on doing.

I also want to blog a lot more this year. I am hoping to get into a regular cycle of posting a few times a week. If you have any suggestions or things you want to see let me know.

Here’s to great 2014!

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