About Me

0396_05013Hi there! Thanks for coming here and reading my blog. Here’s a little info on who I am and what I’m doing.

I’m Stu. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina which is a bit of a change since I spent the last seven years living the UK attending university and then working for a few years. I have since relocated with my company to Raleigh and so far am loving it here. I especially love the weather.

I grew up just outside Philadelphia where I did a variety of activities growing up, but the one I did most was wrestling. It taught me a great deal about what I can push myself to do although the part I enjoyed least was the running.

At university I toyed around with rugby, golf and since I was living in Scotland going to the pub. After leaving university I started running again and have been doing it on and off for the past couple years.

Starting Triathlon

Right after moving to Raleigh, I was wanting to get back into running and toying with the idea of doing a triathlon and it was announced that Ironman was going to do a half ironman in June 2013. Being easily led astray by colleagues I was convinced to sign up and realized I needed to get my but into gear with training.

I had a road bike and started getting out on that a bit more, but my big fear was the swim. I am not a swimmer. I never have been. My level of swimming knowledge/technique revolves around one goal: Do Not Drown. So I had to get into the pool and get better (or at least be able to splash my way 1.2 miles around a lake.

After a few lessons, I am now marginally better at swimming (at least you might see it and call it swimming instead of thinking that I am impersonating a cat thrown into a pool). I managed to complete the half ironman and a few other races as well. I’m signed up again for the Raleigh half ironman and hope to improve on my performance from last year.


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